Sunday, July 5, 2015

Home Brewing in Sacramento: Create Your Version of Your Favorite Beers

Craft brewers have a community all their own. Members enjoy discussing brewing techniques and swapping recipes, and are only too happy to share some tips and secrets with everybody else. According to an article in, “Recipe sharing is becoming more widespread as craft beer’s footprint grows. And, in some cases, breweries are working with home brew outlets to put together kits for fans to make their own versions of their favorite beers” Brewing at home is enjoyable because you get to try to recreate some of your favorite beers, or create a new recipe entirely on your own—one that can’t be bought from your local bars. Home brewers can come up with a different brew each time, limited only by their own imagination—and supplies. Sacramento home brewing aficionados can get beer recipes from other home brewers, and even the breweries themselves.

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