Monday, March 23, 2015

The Tao Of Home Wine Making: Is Producing Your Own Booze For You?

If you’ve seen a lot of people visit local home brewing and wine making stores lately like local West Sacramento wine making supplies store the Brewmeister, you shouldn’t be surprised. A myriad of old-school artisanal products and skills are enjoying a renaissance these days—among them the phenomenon of creating your own booze. Contributor Julie Tisner for Redbook Magazine shares her rather quirky thoughts on why such renaissance is occurring. She argues that people with old-world skills will be indispensable when some sort of apocalyptic occurrence dawns on mankind. Of course, some of the common jobs nowadays wouldn’t matter in such situations—would the likes of a social media guru or a yoga teacher be able to help in a post-apocalyptic, Internet-free landscape? Probably not. Put someone who can brew a drink from nature forward, however, and then survival is possible.

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